Dom Atom

Greedy Collector, I trade rarities from the 30-50's, from Streamline to Googie Design.
Rock'n'roll is my way of life, Surf & Kustom Kulture my two religions and Elvis my only God.

I confess to be fond of Las Vegas, colored gumballs & candies, sweet brunettes & burnin' Vodka...
Son of Robby the Robot & Bettie Page, I'm born in '66, like the famous road.. but not so straight !..

I'm a yound old kid from the 'Baby Boom Generation'... meanwhile the British Invasion, desperatly landed in this new Millennium.
My Universe is a mix of crazy contemporary adventures & addictions for 'Retro-Culture'...

Here thru this blog, a view on some tracks of my life and other atomic dreams.
Burlesque exhibitionism? Noway, just an easy way to share my passions, as Atomic-TV is not yet on the waves -:)

Enjoy and Feel free to contact me !..


Fifties, Années 50, Jaren 50, Retro-Culture, Rock'n'roll, Surf, Doo Wop